Welcome to Heather's Blyton Pages, dedicated to one of the world's most famous and prolific authors, Enid Blyton (1897-1968).

Heather is no longer maintaining this website as she has gone off to Baronia to rescue princes from locked tower rooms. Some of the content of this site may now be out of date, but hopefully you will still enjoy the incredible amount of work she put in before she set off on her journey.

The Enid Blyton Weblinks page was the reason this site came about. You may be surprised at some of the articles and websites you've never seen before! The page is fully searchable, and you can also browse by date added or category.

The Enid Blyton Illustrators page lists many of the early illustrators and their work, along with short biographies.

You can also flick through Enid Blyton's Photo Album for some family pictures as well as houses Enid lived in and images of Bourne End (widely accepted as the REAL Peterswood).

For a Blytonish giggle, visit A Spot Of Fun.

The Treasure Cave is home to interesting scans of Blyton memorabilia, letters, etc.

Wondering where to buy Enid Blyton books? Check out EnidBlyton.net's listing of online retailers.

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Join the Yahoo! Blyton Group for the most active and interesting bunch of Blytonites on the Web. Some of the subjects recently discussed are text alterations in contemporary editions, alternative titles for the Secret and Adventure series, and Blyton's use of female characters who want to be boys. Come along, sign up and check it out!

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