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Joan Thompson

Cecil Stuart Tresilian (1891 - ?)

Tresilian is the illustrator of Enid Blyton's popular Adventure series.

Cecil Stuart Tresilian was born in Bristol, and studied at the Regent Street Polytechnic School of Art, where he taught for a time (instructing students that include the famous Charles Keeping). Later he was accepted to study at the Royal College of Art.

Notably, During World War I he was a prisoner of war in a German camp, drawing throughout his incarceration. These drawings are now exhibited in the Imperial War Museum.

Tresilian is very well-known in the art world. He was brother of the Art Workers' Guild (and Master in 1960) in addition to being a member of SGA and also its President from 1962-5. He also wrote a textbook - Human anatomy for art students (Chapman & Hall, 1961). In the 1930's and early 1940's, Tresilian provided illustrations to many magazines, including The Wide World Magazine, Nash’s Pall Mall Magazine, Zoo, The Passing Show, The Wide World Magazine and Britannia and Eve.

Stuart tresilian was an accomplished graphic artist and book illustrator, and famously illustrated Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book and associated works. His characters for these books were based on drawings from the London Zoo. He also illustrated Biggles in Borneo Captain WE Johns, as well as several lesser titles by various authors.

Images below by Stuart Tresilian (L-R): The Island of Adventure; The Circus of Adventure; interior illustration from The River of Adventure; Biggles in Borneo; Interior illustration from Biggles in Borneo; The Jungle Book, The Second Jungle Book, Cover art of All The Mowgli Stories, Interior illustration from All The Mowgli Stories (note the similarity between this and the cover of The Jungle Book, watercolour entitled The Officers' Quarters at Lager, Rastatt, Baden 1918 (painted at the German camp where he was a prisoner of war), pencil drawing entitled Girl with cat.

Maurice Tulloch

John Turner

John Turner illustrated beautiful sets of pictures to accompany Blyton's Bible Stories - Old Testament (Macmillan, 1949) and Bible Stories - Old Testament (Macmillan, 1952-53). In 1957 and 1960, Macmillan used the full-colour plates from the original set and included them in smaller books alongside Blyton's abridged text. They were published as Old Testament Picture Books (volumes 1 and 2) and New Testament Picture Books (volumes 1 and 2).

Turner also illustrated The Secret of the Desert by Coutts Brisbane (Nelson, 1943). It is described as "the thrilling story of an attempted Japanese invasion of Australia", obviously very different to the Biblical paintings he had done for Blyton.

Any further information anybody has on this illustrator would be greatly appreciated.

Images below by John Turner. Many thanks to Lynn Dack of Lowestoft Suffolk, UK for supplying these prints from both the Old and New Testament picture sets.

Robert Tyndall

Robert Tyndall took over from Eelco Martinus ten Harmsen van der Beek, illustrating Noddy books. In conjunction with Peter Wienk he illustrated Noddy and the Magic Rubber and Noddy Has an Adventure. He also collaborated with Robert Lee on Do Look Out, Noddy!, You're a Good Friend, Noddy! and Noddy and the Bumpy Dog. The subsequent five books in the series were illustrated by Tyndall alone - Noddy and the Bunkey, Cheer Up, Little Noddy!, Noddy Goes to the Fair, Mr. Plod and Little Noddy and Noddy and the Tootles.

London-born Tyndall studied at the prestigious Harrow School of Art. From there he joined the merchant navy and returned to London in 1950. He illustrated one of Antonia Fraser's books (believed to be Mary, Queen of Scots - if you have any further information please email me). Tyndall also illustrated Roberta Leigh's popular comic strip The Adventures of Twizzle, the illustrations very reminiscent of Noddy. This strip appeared in the magazine TV Land in the early sixties. The popular Larry the Lamb comic strip was also Tyndall's work.

Robert Tyndall spent some time employed in publishing, and is now a renowned painter, exhibiting in collections in several countries.

Visitors to The Enid Blyton Day in 2006 (run by The Enid Blyton Society) had the honour of hearing him as a guest speaker. He also specially illustrated the cover of the Society's Journal (issue number nine, Summer 1999) to mark Noddy's 50th birthday. For information on Tyndall's presentation during the 2006 Enid Blyton Day, readThe Enid Blyton Society's account here .

Images below by Robert Tyndall (L-R): Photograph of Robert Tyndall (2006); Noddy and the Bunkey; Noddy and the Tootles; two Noddy sketches shown at the Enid Blyton Day 2006; the cover of The Enid Blyton Society Journal, summer 1999; The Adventures of Twizzle cartoon strip - colour piece and black and white piece (note the similarity to Noddy); a contemporary piece entitled "Paddling".

Eelco Martinus ten Harmsen van der Beek (9 Oct 1897 - 24 Jul 1953)

Born in Amsterdam, Holland, Beek's first illustrations were postcards that he sold with his brother as a child.

He attended the School of Art in Amsterdam, and became an illustrator for magazines and newspapers. His earliest book illustrations date back to 1920. In the late 1930's Beek created illustrations for an advertising character named Flipje. This character still remains popular in Holland today.

Beek's first collaboration with Blyton were his illustrations for The Fourth Holiday Book. However, this was not his claim to fame.

Beek is the original and most famous illustrator of the Noddy books by Enid Blyton, the first of which was Noddy Goes to Toyland, published in 1949. Blyton said that Beek had captured the little nodding man exactly as she described, and he continued drawing Noddy until his death in 1953, publishing the first seven in the series of Noddy books.

Images below by van der Beek (L-R) Colour plate from The Fourth Holiday Book, Here Comes Noddy Again, The Adventures of Flipje, interior picture from Flipje en zijn vriendjes dated 1939, early illustration by Beek.

Isabel Veevers (1897 - 1981)

Isabel Veevers lived in Dorset, England. She married Mr. Martin Godfrey in 1924, a Dorset schoolmaster.

The only Enid Blyton book illustrated by Veevers is The Secret Necklace, published by Lutterworth Press in 1954.
Veevers' other work included With The Speedwell Patrol, by Marjorie Taylor, published by Blackie and most notably the Harum Scarum series (part of the Warwick Reward series) which was authored by Esme Stuart and published by Jarrolds during the 1920's.

Images below by Veevers (L-R): Cover art and interior illustrations from The Secret Necklace.

Sylvia Venus

Elsie Walker

Elsie Walker illustrated House at the Corner, Blyton's Bible Stories series (Lutterworth 1948-1965) which includes , The Little Girl at Capernaum, The Boy Who Came Back and The Man Who Stopped to Help, as well as A Story Book of Jesus (Macmillan 1956).

Elizabeth Wall

Dorothy Muriel Wheeler (1891 - 1966)

Dorothy Wheeler illustrated the original editions of five entire Enid Blyton series: The Magic Faraway Tree series, the Josie Click and Bun series, the Mr Pink-Whistle series, the Mr Tumpy series (in strip book form) and the O'Clock Tales short story compilations.
Other Blyton titles she illustrated include The Little Tree House and Bumpy and His Bus.

Wheeler studied at The Blackheath School of Art and created most of her work using watercolours and ink. Her illustrations were almost exclusively contained to childrens books, postcards and comic strips. Non-Blyton books she illustrated include A Pocketful of Silver by Anne MacDonald and The Three Little Pigs (her own version) published in 1955.

Images below by Dorothy Wheeler (L-R): Mr Pink-Whistle, The Enchanted Wood, Josie Click and Bun, The Little Treehouse, Two postcards - The Time Teller and A Fairy Tale, The North Wind Doth Blow - a postcard published by A & C Black Ltd London c.1924 from Series 45 "English Nursery Rhymes".

For further examples of artwork by Dorothy Wheeler, visit The Prints and the Paper.

Edith Wilson

Edith Wilson illustrated the first editions of The Children of Kidillin, Three Boys and a Circus and The Treasure Hunters - the latter a collaboration with Joyce Davies.

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