Blyton Illustrators

I have found that there is very little information available on the internet about the incredible illustrators Blyton used. What is available seems to be scattered and disorganised.

Without these illustrators, Blyton's amazing work would be dulled a little, and I believe some of the wonder would be stripped away. They really create a "feel" for the stories. Who could imagine The Faraway tree without the gorgeous pictures of the children, the lovable Saucepan Man, beautiful Silky and the ever-smiling Moonface? The Famous Five could never be quite so exciting without the famous illustrations by Eileen Soper, and there would simply be no Noddy as we know him without Beek.

So I have trawled through Google and several other search engines in order to find any snippets of information I can, and added it to this page. If you have any further information on an early (pre-1980) Blyton artist, I would be very grateful if you would email me. I'm going to need lots of help on this one, but it should be worth it!

Thank you to all those whose pictures I've 'borrowed' - it's impossible to reference everything, but a special thank you to Tony Summerfield of the Enid Blyton Society for his assistance and cover art scans.

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