Squats and Other Leg Exercises Corrected


It is a fact that most people exercise with incorrect form. With leg exercises, this means extra stress on the knees, hips, and back. In order to have good form, the core muscles have to be fully engaged during squats, lunges, and other similar exercises. Using a special platform that gives biofeedback to the exerciser, these exercises can be learned with correct form.

Squatting and Training

Usually, trainers have to over train in order to get people to use the correct form during a squat or a lunge. There are other exercises that require foot and leg stability too and the key is to keep the core muscles activated during these exercises for proper form. With the smartsquat training tool, people can immediately tell if they have good form or not.

Core Muscles

The core muscles of the body include the psoas, abdomen, hip muscles, and those of the lower back. They all work together to keep the spine straight and in line with the hip bones. When these muscles are engaged, it protects the lower back from injury. Also, engaging the core muscles creates a strong abdomen for a lean and hot waist.

Putting it Together

All free form exercises are the result of many muscle groups working together. This is why squats are sometimes called total body exercises. It is because every muscle in the body is engaged during a squat. Other exercises are like this and when you put them all together, you get fit all over and all the muscles get worked out as long as the form is correct.

This device allows you to know when your form is right. Once you know, you can habituate good form instead of bad form, giving you a premium exercise advantage. Learn the correct form now so you get the most from your workouts.